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Upon arriving at Cresta Dive Centre you are greeted by Charlie.  After a few minutes talking she will call out her favourite name, Casey! It’s her favourite name because she does not stop using it, Casey this and Casey that.… And I'll make you a coffee:) Charlie will explain in more detail about the PADI courses and I will explain about all the exciting dive sites we have to offer. Here at Cresta Dive Centre we do all our training in proper conditions. So if you are doing any of the beginner courses it makes life a lot more comfortable. We also do three dives a day away from the dive shopat all the amzing dive sites that The Maltese Islands have to offer such as The Blue Grotto, Cirkewwa's fantatic dives, various war wrecks, Comino, Gozo and many more. We keep our groups small and our diving safe!

MSDT Staff Instructor Conrad enjoys doing most of our PADI courses and Casey has 28 years experience of diving in Malta and looks after the experienced divers who want to enjoy the various dive sites of the island!

We pride ourselves on running an organised dive centre, we are not motivated by money but by running the shop in the most friendly and professional way. If you look for hidden costs and gimmicks there are none here! We will not sell you a course or piece of equipment we don’t think you need just to bump up profits. We even give you free Wi Fi, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and a hot shower in winter :)  

At Cresta we don’t spend half the day trying to get organised just to make a dive. A normal day at Cresta for certified divers is to arrive at the shop at 7.30am to fill out paperwork and get dive kit together, 8am we drive off to the dive site to make 2 dives with an hour break in between for something to eat. 1pm you are back at the dive shop putting your kit away having a coffee filling out your log books. If you still want more there is also another 2pm dive that you are welcome to join in on and that will get you back to the shop by 5pm.

We are more like family and less like factory. We have known each other over 25 years and have worked together for the last 18 years (that is rare in the dive industry).

I hope you have enjoyed reading my attempt to enlighten you about Cresta Dive Centre. We are a PADI 5 star dive centre that has done over 7000 courses. We hope you pop down, if not for a dive at least for a coffee…

Thank you,

Ray Casey  & Charlotte Fenech


Charlotte Fenech (Charlie) 

PADI Staff Instructor from Kent UK diving since 1992 who takes care of the day to day running of the centre, but loves to escape and dive whenever she can! Loves teaching all PADI courses too and furthuring divers education.

Ray Casey (KC)

PADI Instructor diving since 1989. A local experienced diving Instructor making sure your safety and enjoyment come first. Casey is a Maltese national that knows the island inside out!








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