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Working Proud, Looking forward to 2024


July 2023

July 2023...

Not much to report guys, busy and hot in Malta!

Lots of love, Kc & Charlie

That makes 14 years in a row:)

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Working with Pride 2022

Diving to us is not a factory based mentality. We actually enjoy running the dive centre ourselves and love diving. I always joke that your safety comes first then your enjoyment followed by the money. 

We defiantly take pride in our work (which we do ourselves) and love giving our clients a good experience.

Hope everyone is doing well out there.

Casey & Charlie  

June 23 2022

Cresta 2022

2022 is warming up and Casey & Charlie are looking forward to seeing old friends again...


Birds eye view...IMG_0061.PNG

November update...

Hi Guys, 

still diving everyday, water temp is 22c so its still pretty nice:) Hope you are all ok and looking forward to 2021! 

Take care.

Kc & Charliephoto.PNG

July is here...

July is here and the Covid-19 situation in Malta is the best in Europe. Only 9 active cases and most days see 0 infected...

Cresta is open and divers are here to play in smaller than usual numbers but we are still having fun.

Hope you are all well and keeping positive, ups and downs keep coming but with Cresta you are always connected in some way.

take care.


Crazy days of Covid-19 2020

Hi Guys, 

It's been crazy in the last 3 months, we are still around doing maintenance, drinking coffe and getting ready to open by June. 

We hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing you all back in the near future after all this crap is over.

Take care.

Cresta team.

Casey, Charlotteall-ok.jpg and Conny.

A look back on Summer 2014 at Cresta......

Cresta Dive Centre St Julians-diving malta-.JPG 

A look back on Summer 2014 at Cresta......


It's been an amazing season here at Cresta this summer. The usual team of Charlie, Casey and Conny were joined this year by great friends and Instructors Jay, Alex and Hector as the permanent staff during the busy summer months. Then we had a number of highly appreciated 'special guest appearances' who we were so happy to see back made by Instructors Brian, Marty, Daniel, Scotty, Paul, Livio, Richard, Hannah and Mogg.


The Divemasters need a mention too, their hard work and great help has helped immensely. So a huge thank you to Wim, Jo, Andy, Russell, Ally, Andrea, Tats, Andre, Steve, Mario and Philippe.


We've had a lot of old friends back this year. To name but just a few..... Carl and Ryan, Ann and Marty, Boat Danny, Swedish Peter, Paul Kirkpatrick of the famous photo, Vicky and Oyvind, Sabine and Erika, Zoe and John, Jacq and Martin, Daniel/Jean-Luc and Clara, the fantastic Thomas/Silvia/Nicole and Christoph Sager family, Detlef and Alex, and never forgetting the famous (Yorkshire) 5.... Nigel, Phil, Jonathan, Ian and Dave. And so many more. Always great to see old friends back diving with us.


Onto the diving.....


The season started off in great excitement with the finding of 'The Kasper', a World War II shipwreck which we are still in the process of discovering exactly what it was.... Thoughts are ranging from either a mini submarine, a tugboat or a steam ship. We found bullets dating from 1941, along with some enormous eels and lobsters on the wreck!!! For now we are taking clients in secrecy to the wreck, so only few have seen it as we want to research it a bit more before we share it with the rest of the world.


It's been a busy year yet again with a large amount of certifications as always. Alex and Conny both passing the 100 certifications mark this year, huge congrats to them.


Jay has been mainly on speedboat patrol doing some amazing dives. This year we've been boat diving further afield doing The Jesus Statue and Imperial Eagle a lot more, along with The Hellespont and Kasper. The Beaufighter is always a favourite too along with Coral Gardens and Sliema Caves.


Cirkewwa will always remain our favourite divesite of course! Also the beautiful dives at Comino and Gozo, including new sites in both places ;)


It's been a great season with the most fun and laughs we've ever known, life just gets better and better here at Cresta, we're so lucky :)


Roll on winter, drysuit time soon!


Looking forward to 2015 and seeing as many of you as possible – bring it on!!!

Finding the Ghost....

Ok, so the cat is out of the bag! Finally after 3 years of looking, we have found the Casper! 40 meters down, 3 km out from Cresta Dive Centre, St Julians by boat.

Big thank you to the Cresta team- Casey, Jay, Joe, Wim, Andreas, Conny and Charlie for so much time, effort, money and patience!

We are currently doinf research, in order to get all details about it right, and then we will share it with everyone:)


Inserting Image...

padi open water course-malta-dive centre malta-scuba diving malta-beginner divers malta.jpg

This last week gone by Cresta has safely and proudly seen through 4 more newly qualified PADI Open Water Divers!
Huge congratulations to both James and Laura, and then a few days later Martin and Jacq for all becoming fully qualified Open Water Divers. 2 really nice couples that it was our pleasure to teach, train and become friends with.
Pascal and Conrad saw them through their courses. The boys seemed to fly through, while the girls sensibly took their time :)
After passing the course all 4 went out diving to the various divesites around Malta including sites such as Cirkewwa's Madonna statue, Left and Right arches, Anchor Bay and Blue Grotto. All of them loved their fun dives out at the divesites, a real treat after all the skills of the course! Diving really is fun!!!!
Also this week a fair few DSD's. It seemed to be American week for those! Connor and Grace were especially lucky to do their's at Cirkewwa's Suzie's Pool. They loved it so much they are both planning to go all the way through to Divemaster by the end of March next year.

diving centres malta-padi course-open water course-malta-scuba diving-new diver malta.jpg

Charlotte and Andy enjoy The HMS Maori :)

Cresta Dive Centre news today.

Today in Valletta at the HMS Maori 12 year old Charlotte continued the excitement with dives 2 + 3 of her PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

Casey took her in for her Deep dive, followed by Fish ID with Conrad. Charlotte is a little fish herself! She completed her Wreck dive yesterday at The Coralita (x-127).

Proud Dad Andy buddied up with her for both dives.

Andy had flown to Malta last week from the Congo! He came diving with us and never looked back! He has flown his entire family now to Malta and is diving every day with Charlotte. Completing The Advanced Open Water is ideal over here in Malta for Charlotte, with many safe and sheltered dives for her.Inserting Image...

Roll on tomorrow for Underwater Naturalist and Navigation dives!

Now go do your homework Charlotte!! ;)



PADI-Advanced-OpenWater-HMS Maori-wreck-Valletta.JPG

Marfa, Malta


2 dives done and on the way back from Cirkewwa Marfa we stopped at St. Agatha's Tower to check out the view...

January Diving at the Blue Grotto

January Diving at the Blue Grotto, all the die hards out and about in the sun... just a couple of wimps (me) in their drysuits... what a good day to dive!BUSY IN JANUARY!.jpg

Dive Van Security


Safety in the Van, having Master Yoda and R2 looking out for us as we drive off to the dive site :)

Ghar Lapsi in January

Ghar Lapsi in January, gone down south again as the north winds still kicking around a swell on the other side.1476617_10152608323821091_1361571005_n[1].jpg


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